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Our Group Attended the Kunshan RNAi 2016 Conference

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Kunshan RNAi 2016 meeting for leading lab successfully held during October 27-28 in Kunshan Hotel. The meeting is held in every two years and it is the 4th time since 2010. As one of the leading lab of Nucleic acid drug development in China, our lab is invited to attend the meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Li Min, Shen Song, Xu Congfei, Wang Jilong, Shoaib Iqbal, Luo Yingli and Chen Kaige, etc., introduced the research progress and achievements of the laboratory in recent years, including the application of CLAN nanoparticle in several disease models. We show the potentials to apply the nanoparticle delivery system to the concern for disease such as tumor, ulcerative colitis, diabetes and several immune disease. Due to the novel and effective research in nucleic acid drug delivery, the projects were highly valued and caused a high degree of interest.